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Piedmont Charging Youth Sports for Field Use?

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 2, 2009

There have been some rumblings at the City Council about possibly charging local youth sports for field space usage. What do you think of that idea?

If fees are charged, should Piedmont-based programs get a resident rate and priority since participants (or their parents) pay Piedmont property taxes, or is it “first-pay, first-served”?

Piedmont Soccer Club, Piedmont Girls Softball, and Piedmont Baseball Foundation are all non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations. Should they be charged the same as private use?

Leave a comment to let us know what you think. You can also click “Your Local Officials” above to contact the council directly.


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Coaches Field to Become Tropicana Field West?

Posted by Len Gilbert on October 20, 2008

Tonight is the first hearing on Coaches Field, where the Recreation Dept is proposing changing the baseball field into an artificial turf surface. Plastic “grass” is something I endorse only in extreme cases where a playfield is required and a natural surface is not feasable because of terrain or high-usage. Beach is a perfect example. Coaches is not a good example.

The field at Coaches is great as one of the few natural playfields in Piedmont and admirably serves its primary purpose as a baseball and softball diamond. It also functions quite well in its secondary role as a field for soccer games and practices. Compare Coaches to Witter baseball, which is also primarily a baseball field, but also gets used for soccer practices and games. The difference? Maintenance and watering are better managed by PUSD on Witter.

I believe the pending addition of two artificial surfaces at Blair Park and one at Havens gives Piedmont enough artificial fields for soccer usage. I also believe that a rain-out every now and then isn’t going to ruin any kids life. I coach baseball, softball, and soccer teams and in the last two years, there have been no rainouts in Piedmont that I know about. It seems a shame to lay down plastic over a perfectly serviceable grass field just to get in a couple more games or practices every few years.

On the ecological impact of artificial vs natural, there is much pro and con for both sides. Overall, I believe that a natural field provides more benefits at a lower environmental cost than a field made of recycled tires crumb rubber and plastic. I understand that there are environmental costs for grass, such as water, fertilizer, etc, but with correct grass type selection and a switch to more efficient watering systems, we can reduce that impact. And the positive aspects of a breathable, natural surface go beyond “playabilty”.

Because of the financial, environmental, and aesthetic issues with the project, I oppose the artificial turf proposal.

I believe that lights will help the soccer program immensely, allowing teams to use the field for practices where currently they cannot because of fall darkness. I fully support the lighting project at Coaches.

Learn more on the Piedmont city website. Attend the meeting if possible. If not, send an email to Ann Swift at aswift@ci.piedmont.ca.us.

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